Cast of Hunters

Cast as Hunters in seasons 1 & 2 of the Channel 4 hit TV series, Hunted, TII’s Julie Clegg and David Toddington are featured in the show’s Incident Command Headquarters as OSINT experts, profilers, and interrogators. Our very own Hunters showcase their skills as online open source investigators, intelligence analysts, digital surveillance experts, and social network specialists to virtually pursue fugitives and their associates, and to assist the Hunters in the field.

Joining the operational Hunter teams on the ground, the TII team assisted in the physical surveillance, capture, and interrogations of several crafty fugitives.

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“Working on Hunted was every bit as demanding and complex as a “real life” investigation, with the additional pressure of a limited time-frame. I was predominantly responsible for building behavioural and personality profiles for the fugitives using online open source intelligence and social media information, as well as the interception of mobile communications and other data. 

My biggest challenge in conducting investigations into the backgrounds and networks of the fugitives and their associates was objectively evaluating the validity of all available information, as well as it’s source, as many of the fugitives embarked on a campaign of deception and purposeful disinformation to avoid capture. Overcoming these challenges is what makes investigation so compelling and fulfilling for me, and being part of such an elite, professional team of investigators and Hunters was deeply gratifying.”

Julie Clegg, TII President

“Accurately portraying a demanding and pressurized investigative environment, Hunted not only represented real-world, high intensity operations, it also pushed the bounds beyond what many intelligence personnel would be exposed to in front-line operations and introduced a significant number of unique stressors.

With an unusually high amount of conflicting data, I found myself constantly shifting and adapting in an unusually dynamic landscape in which deception was the norm, and a continual assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats was essential for success. Requiring eminent professionalism throughout, I was proud to work with such a remarkable team of seasoned experts who continually developed innovative approaches and applied creative solutions to highly complex problems.”

David Toddington, CEO