In today’s society, information is the commodity of greatest value, and an increasingly competitive global economy demands that organizations are required to locate, analyze, and disseminate operational and strategic intelligence in less time, at less cost, and with less risk™. The ability to produce accurate and effective intelligence products is essential to maintain a competitive advantage, and to identify threats as soon as they emerge.

The typically unstructured, event-driven response employed by many organizations can be inefficient and time consuming, with many researchers and investigators unaware of how to properly plan and execute an intelligence project for peak efficiency and maximum benefit, resulting in duplicated work, knowledge gaps, and missed deadlines.

TII’s OSINT Project Management training builds upon the principles of the Intelligence Cycle, with emphasis on the planning, collection, and analysis phases, and the effective integration of online open sources of information into available offline data. These principles are combined with the structure of traditional project management practices to form an integrated approach to Internet-sourced intelligence, in order to create a flexible framework from which investigators can successfully develop and execute highly effective and quality projects.

This two-day program provides detailed instruction in the production of timely, actionable, and relevant tactical and strategic intelligence products and projects for all sectors, levels of authority, and operational requirements to maximize success.

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