Mobile devices pose what is most likely the greatest risk to our privacy. Silent Circle LLC estimates that 97% of device users allow access to private data, 86% of users are technically vulnerable, and 75% leave data unencrypted. According to USA Today, approximately 50% of US adults had their personal data exposed in some form in the past year2.

The mobile devices we all carry, and the applications we routinely use, have the capability to collect huge amounts of information about us, such as where we live, who we associate with, where we work, and even how we think, feel, and act; this vast amount of personally identifying information is made available to a wide variety of interested third parties.

Beyond the information we knowingly (and sometimes unknowingly) volunteer, our communications can be intercepted in ways that can breach our expectation of privacy and compromise legitimate operations. Understanding how much of this digital leakage we can and cannot control is vital, particularly if we have an obligation to keep certain information confidential, if we travel internationally, if we are engaged in sensitive investigations, or if we require a generally higher degree of physical or technical security.

During this compelling one-day, “plain English” training program, you will learn just how much private information you are revealing, while learning how to protect yourself, your organization, and the people close to you with best of breed privacy and encryption technologies, and effective operational security techniques.

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