Organizations face innumerable threats from internal and external sources, ranging from competitors and infrastructure, to data security and brand protection. As cloud computing and online data storage become more commonplace in enterprises, data-related threats grow, and unauthorized penetration, leaks, and lost or stolen data become an increased reality.

Businesses, particularly global corporations, are vulnerable to information and cyber warfare and espionage, an example of which can occur when information is accessed, manipulated and re-disseminated to effect a campaign of disinformation against a target organization.

The costs associated with a compromised infrastructure and lost data can cripple a company; EVault estimates that the United States loses approximately $400 million US dollars per annum as a result of data losses. IBM and Ponemon Institute reported an estimated average loss of $3.79 million US dollars in 2015. Aside from the financial costs, the potential loss of information identifying clients’ personal details can damage a business’ reputation beyond repair.

Robust data protection and encryption tools, information privacy and security processes, and threat and vulnerability assessments are vital in today’s cyber-connected business environment.

Our Business Threat Assessment training course will provide attendees with the advanced tools and techniques necessary to optimize the security and integrity of their corporate infrastructure and data, to monitor and mitigate threats, and to ultimately reduce potential losses.

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