Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) drawn from numerous online sources, including the World Wide Web, social media, discussion forums, and deep and dark web sites, can empower businesses to find new markets, gain competitive edge, reduce exposure to risk, and stay critically informed in ways many knowledge professionals are unaware of.

Business-focused OSINT can provide essential insight into the compatibility of future employees or partners, can influence strategic business decisions based on geographical suitability or competitive intelligence, and can provide valuable information around market share, reputation, and future business direction that was previously limited or unknown.

With almost 4 million internet users operating in a digital environment that continues to evolve at an accelerated rate, social connections, personal profiles, and publicly expressed opinions can provide comprehensive, but fragmented, business insights. Understanding not just how to find online business information, but also to fact check, verify, and analyze it to produce reliable, actionable intelligence is essential.

Demonstrating essential online tools and resources in an innovative, refreshing, and entertaining style, our Open Source Intelligence for Business – Gaining Competitive Advantage through Better Commercial Intelligence Practices training will examine how intelligence can be drawn and analyzed from every corner of the online world in a way that will empower your organization with the competitive advantage you need.

Learn About

  • Comprehensive Surface and Deep Web Search Techniques
  • Advanced Social Platform Search Techniques
  • Live and Historical Monitoring of Social Media and “Online Chatter”
  • Geo-Location Identification of People, Places, and Things
  • De-Anonymization Across Platforms
  • Protecting Your Identity and that of Your Organization
  • Business and Personal Reputation Management
  • Identifying Secondary Targets and Social Network Vulnerabilities

Course Terms & Conditions

  1. Three or more delegates from the same company are entitled to a 10% discount. This discount is only applicable to the standard pricing.
  2. Registrations are confirmed with written confirmation via email. Should the delegate not receive an email, it is the delegate’s responsibility to contact TII to confirm their seat.
  3. Payment must be received in full in advance of the course.
  4. Delegates are responsible for their travel expenses in traveling to the course, including hotel accommodations. All travel and accommodation arrangements should be made by the delegate.
  5. Cancellations received 30 days before the course date will receive a refund, less a $100 administration fee. After this date, the full fee must be paid, but substitutions may be made at any time.
  6. TII reserves the right to cancel or change course dates, instructors, or conditions without prior notice.
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