The global threat of terrorism and organized crime is at an all-time high, and the risk is rising at an unprecedented rate. Military, government, and police establishments, large transportation hubs, hotels, tourist resorts, and shopping centers are just a few of what is now an exhaustive list of potential targets of interest to extremists. Having the skills to spot suspicious activity at the planning stages could be the difference between safety, and a mounted attack.

In today’s information-driven society, the success of corporate organizations and businesses, government departments, intelligence agencies, and individuals is based upon key intelligence that is relevant, timely, and accurate. The Internet abounds with misinformation and deception, some of it unintentional, some purposeful; with this in mind, it is increasingly desirable for adversaries to mount physical surveillance against people and places of interest to obtain that most valuable commodity – information.

Understanding the threats to your sector and the benefits to adversaries, should you or your interests be subject to hostile physical surveillance, and developing the skills and experience necessary to identify if you are under threat can be essential to your privacy and security, and vital to the protection of key interests and assets.

TII offers industry-leading training presented by global experts in the field. From classroom-based theory to practical training exercises, your knowledge and awareness of how to detect hostile surveillance will be significantly enhanced.

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