The employment of deception for the purposes of gathering evidence requires in-depth knowledge and confident application of a broad range of skills, tools and techniques to ensure the integrity and success of undercover and covert operations.

The Internet, including mobile communication devices, must form an integral part of the planning and execution of all online or offline undercover operations, regardless of their scope or scale. Social networks, web logs, websites and other online information sources can quickly compromise undercover personnel if not carefully considered during the planning phase and implemented appropriately throughout.

As well as presenting new threats to UC operations, online technology can also provide new opportunities. Properly conducted online research can be used to provide information on individuals, groups and organizations that can be essential in crafting robust cover stories, while properly placed online information can serve as an effective backstop for a cover story and serve as additional intelligence gathering sources.

Restricted to security screened personnel only, Undercover and Covert Operations is a proven training program specifically designed to introduce undercover operators and support personnel to the Internet technologies and techniques that are necessary for the safe and successful development and execution of all online and offline covert or undercover operations.

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