Louise Neil


Upon graduating from Carleton University with an undergrad degree in Law and Psychology, Louise became one of the first group of female pilots in the Canadian Forces, where she enjoyed a twelve-year career of flying both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.  Louise brings over 25 years experience as a police officer to her position as an instructor at Toddington International, including 12 years as a Major Crime Detective.  She has a proven record in every role of Major Crime Investigations including, Team Commander, Primary Investigator and File Coordinator, and is designated as a Primary Investigator in the RCMP Kidnapping Protocol.  She is recipient of five Police Chief’s commendations for investigative excellence and has a reputation as a strong and innovative leader who successfully guides investigative teams within a strong moral, legal and professional framework.

For the past 10 years, Louise has been developing and instructing advanced investigative courses for the Justice Institute of British Columbia.  Louise’s original investigative and critical thinking courses were developed for Police Detectives.  She has since adapted the material to teach agency specific best investigative practices to regulatory agencies across the country.  Her knowledge, experience and ability to guide investigators from theory to practical application through the use of interactive investigations inspires her students.  In 2018, Louise’s courses were credited with raising the standard of investigative practices in regulatory investigations by a committee of Federal and Provincial Justice and Public Safety Ministries.

Louise has a passion for conducting professional and effective investigations, and for sharing knowledge and experiences with her fellow investigators.  To that end, Louise has also consulted with federal and provincial agencies to draft investigative protocols and build effective enforcement teams.

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