Organizations face innumerable threats to their success, from both internal and external sources, ranging from competitor-related intellectual property and patent theft, to brand and reputation risks.  Loss of an organization’s reputation or brand can be devastating, and many of the threats are preventable, if the appropriate tools and resources are deployed effectively, and decisively.

While the value of a company’s reputation can be difficult to monetize, a positive corporate image is essential for the ultimate success of a business.  In today’s information-driven society, business intelligence is not only imperative for competitive advantage, it is essential for gaining insight into an organization’s corporate messaging, as well as the accuracy of online information relating to brands, products, and services.

Competitive Information Monitoring

In today’s digital environment, information can become globally accessible within seconds of dissemination.


In order for an organization to establish, maintain, or expand its competitive position in this global marketplace, thorough competitive information monitoring is crucial. Utilizing specialized online tools and resources, TII’s experts will tailor a focused monitoring strategy for your business at any frequency, and at any given time.

Intelligence is drawn from every corner of the World Wide Web, including blogs, news articles, social media, and Deep Web sites to provide you with up-to-date information, so you can stay strategically informed.

Competitive Information Profiling

Not knowing the strengths and ongoing business activities of your competitors in this already challenging global economic climate can be detrimental to your organization.


Deploying a variety of online tools and open source resources, TII’s experts will construct comprehensive reports of competitor behaviours based on your specified parameters. These reports will include essential information, such as full corporate backgrounds, divisions, branches, personnel profiles, key financial indicators, market trends, and product or service assessments.

Online "Chatter" and Social Media Monitoring

With over 3 billion users worldwide, the internet is populated with a magnitude of platforms that facilitate communication of all kinds. As a result, the global spread of information can occur in seconds.


Our experts have the ability to monitor, cross reference, and mine hundreds of social media and information sites, from the predominant to the most obscure, for specific information on a continual basis, regardless of your commercial sector.

We can dedicate small or large teams to actively monitor common “chatter” trends pertaining to your organization by incorporating sophisticated search and advanced research techniques to produce ongoing, detailed analysis of current events surrounding your organization’s key concerns.

Online Brand Reputation Monitoring

“Brand reputation is at the core of any business. Counterfeit products and illegal manufacturers persistently threaten brand integrity, and cost the global economy approximately $250 billion a year.” - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development


Our Surface, Deep, and Dark Web research experts are able to monitor, intercept, and assess any potential counterfeit threats or misuse of your products or services from any global location.

It can take years to build a strong reputation — and only moments to destroy it.
Based on the needs of your organization, a combination of brand integrity and reputation monitoring strategies can be deployed immediately and effectively to prevent future threats, or to contain existing ones.

Geopolitical Climate Assessment

Understanding the intricate relationship between politics and territory requires unique expertise. In a global marketplace, it is important to be well-informed of potential risks and indigenous shifts inherent to social and cultural regions in areas of promising opportunity.


Natural resource extraction and migration of manufacturing or other key corporate services into foreign territories is becoming a normal business occurrence. In order to make the most efficient use of resources in this situation, a comprehensive understanding of current events, political volatility, and relevant environmental factors is imperative. No matter what country you are interested in operating in, we offer consistent, high-quality advice and expertise to aid in removing barriers to your prosperity.

Public Relations Coordination

Coordination of information findings from our services can serve as an effective tool in public relations strategies. Whether your company is releasing a new product line or dealing with a disaster, our business intelligence services can help.


Business disasters can occur at any time, and the effects of negative media exposure can seriously damage a company’s reputation. By working closely with your public relations specialists, experts at TII will monitor online activity surrounding events in order to design an effective, well-informed mitigation strategy.

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