The use of the internet as a crowd sourcing and event organization tool by terrorist and other subversives has made critical incidents much more difficult to contain.  The use of often free and widely available social communication applications, on a variety of commonly purchased hand-held mobile devices, has enabled critical incidents to spawn and spread virally.  From peaceful protesters to radical activists and extremists, the internet, its ease of access, and widely available inventory of social media and communication tools, has permanently transformed the landscape of how government, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals conduct their practices.

Social media sites and mobile tools, such as text messaging and other chat applications, had strong influence in widely studied social uprisings, such as the Vancouver and London riots of 2011, in addition to other notable civil unrests in the Middle East that led to government deterioration, population violence, and civil disorder.  The personal injuries, fatalities, and billions of dollars of economic damages from these incidents have only demonstrated that on-the-ground reactionary forces simply cannot respond efficiently in comparison to the speed in which these incidents often unfold.

There are over 1.4 million gang and organized crime members in the United States, and over 14,000 in Canada, of which according to the Organized Crime Research Briefing 13, predominantly use social media tools as a common venue for recruitment, planning, intimidation, victim profiling, and undertaking of criminal activities.  Many policing and other government agencies around the world are currently not equipped to effectively respond to critical or flash mob incidents as they ignite through the use of social media tools; nor do they have the immediate availability of up-to-date tools and trade practices to successfully monitor and track targets of interest, or to assess and filter information to produce real-time, actionable intelligence, necessary for the coordination of ground personnel to prevent or contain critical incidents as they develop.

The services of TII’s Special Projects Group are reserved for qualified clients.  We provide operational support services as an immediate contingent or turnkey asset to law enforcement, government agencies, and bona fide corporations in various critical fulfillment roles.  Regardless of your geographical location, our information response teams and other support services, comprised of seasoned and experienced professionals, are available to assist your organization in short notice.

Information-Sensitive Operations Support

With the abundance of information that is continually and openly shared online, it has become necessary to supplement all investigations with Open Source Intelligence gathered from the World Wide Web, including social media and networking sites, Deep Web sites and databases, blogs, groups, and discussion boards, only to name a few.

We regularly assist law enforcement and other government-related services with critical trade practices, to support various operations that may involve the extensive deployment of a variety of internet-related tools and social media applications.

Critical Incident Monitoring and Reporting

Employing teams of professional research and technology personnel, with related field experience in law enforcement, sensitive operations, and government, TII will facilitate comprehensive online monitoring with advanced online tools and technologies to support your organization’s operational requirements.

Regardless of geographical location, TII’s experts are able to apply key parameters of Open Source Intelligence monitoring to provide essential information to assigned control centres to support operational goals.

Information Response Management

Effective implementation of response strategies is dependent upon the ability to monitor, analyze, and pattern critical information. TII’s information analysis and communication teams, are capable of monitoring critical information in a manner that will allow for proactive response and incident control in coordination with assigned control centres and operational requirements.

Internet Threat Analysis

TII has readily available threat assessment personnel with professional and related field experience in criminal psychology, linguistics, and international cultural and behavioural studies, including extensive field contributions in law enforcement and intelligence, to assist in identifying and analyzing possible threats through the use of social media and other internet-related applications.

Forensics and Asset Recovery

TII’s forensics teams are comprised of certified experts in the areas of financial asset recovery, and computer and mobile device data recovery, with a proven history of performing related practices in commercial and law enforcement environments. These services can be applied at our facilities or a location of your organization’s choosing, given the sensitivity of operational requirements.

Disaster Response and Preparation Planning

Often when disaster strikes, a lack of prior-planning can lead to devastating consequences, including unnecessary injury and loss of life. Our teams of experts have extensive knowledge in assisting organizations in generating, preparing, and maintaining their disaster plans and safety certification programs.

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