The global battle against financial crime is increasingly fought online, and corporations are expected, and required, to successfully utilize all available online sources of information during enhanced due diligence, asset tracing, PEP screening, fraud prevention, and other investigations.

When faced with potentially catastrophic corporate, legal, and regulatory consequences, including fines for non-compliance, damage to reputation, and money laundering. Are you confident that your organization is able to locate all available information to prevent, investigate, and detect such threats?


Learning how to find accurate, timely information is important; understanding how to critically evaluate information obtained from potentially unreliable, misleading, or uncorroborated sources is a skill that has to be learned and developed.

The online environment abounds with raw data that must be critically evaluated, contextualized, and analyzed to produce good quality information; this has become an essential skill set in today’s technology-driven educational environment, for learners of all ages.

Corporate & HR

The success of an organization depends largely on its people. Attracting, engaging, and retaining capable, honest, and loyal employees is one of the most important strategic decisions a company can make. Failure to conduct adequate due diligence can result in significant financial cost, wasted time, or damage to an organizations reputation.

The prevalence of online information, particularly social media and user generated content, makes competency in finding information online an essential skill set for all corporate investigators, HR professionals, and personnel responsible for risk mitigation.


Both the public and private sectors increasingly rely on online intelligence as an integral part of the decision-making process in often complex operational and strategic situations.

Locating good quality, timely, actionable online information efficiently, undertaking critical source and data evaluation, understanding context and bias, determining what is "nice to know" rather than "need to know", while maintaining personal, professional and data integrity, and working within ethical practices can be challenging.

Public Safety

Internet technologies now factor into a wide range of investigations, from the simple to the highly complex. Law enforcement and public safety personnel at all levels must posses a solid base understanding of how online tools can be used, both reactively and proactively in order to be effective.

Internet-sourced OSINT gathered through multiple online platforms is essential for gaining insight into illegal activities and criminally predicated persons, monitoring threats around public events, and developing effective strategies for increasing public safety.

Government & Military

With a dramatic increase in asymmetric tactical and strategic engagements, today's threats are geographically diffused and rapidly changing. Constantly evolving intelligence needs require intelligence professionals to be able to quickly understand foreign countries and cultures, and shift rapidly from one topic to the next. Open Source Intelligence can not only provide valuable insights quickly and cost effectively, it can be essential to developing a base understanding for classified materials, for protecting sources and methods, and for gathering data on unique cultures and monitoring how they change over time.

Regulatory & Legal

An increased regulatory environment, with substantial penalties for non-compliance, has placed new demands on financial institutions around the world; regulators are also experiencing mounting pressure to ensure adherence to new and existing laws in a complex international landscape. OSINT is an essential component in ensuring compliance, cost-effective, enhanced due-diligence, and the minimization of risk.

Intellectual Property Protection

The appearance of counterfeit products has increased dramatically in recent years, flooding the market with products that are often unsafe, compete unfairly with legitimate business, and damage the reputation of legitimate manufacturers. The entertainment industry today faces numerous opportunities, while also facing threats brought about by the consumption and distribution of digital content and pirated material. As intellectual property protection personnel are facing greater challenges from increasingly sophisticated adversaries, the role of effective online OSINT gathering and analysis in now central to success.

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