Not Your Typical Investigations Firm

Specializing in covert online investigations, including online surveillance, cyber security, digital communications, data discovery, and social media monitoring, our operatives have extensive training and decades of operational experience in surveillance, intelligence analysis, counter-terrorism, and covert/undercover operations, in both hostile and friendly environments worldwide.

What Differentiates Us

Our diversity and our global reach – our investigative expertise ranges from criminal, personal, and corporate, including pre-employment screening, geographic profiling, organized crime analysis, threat assessment, and reputation management.  Our team of trusted associates includes highly qualified investigators, intelligence analysts, psychologists, legal practitioners, and many other professionals, all of whom maintain the highest standards of integrity.

What We Do

  • National and international criminal and corporate online investigations
  • Online stalking and harassment investigations
  • Reputation recovery and management
  • Entertainment industry investigations and due diligence
  • Documentary, television, and movie research
  • CEO and high net worth security intelligence services
  • Threat management and violence risk assessment

How We Protect You

Your identity, data, and communications may be your most valuable asset, and we take that very seriously.  All interactions with us will be conducted using robust encryption techniques, and any information received will be stored in a secure format and location.  Contact us to discuss your security requirements.

Online Investigations

  • Financial
  • Corporate
  • Insurance
  • Criminal
  • Legal
  • Personal

Threat Assessment

  • Online radicalization
  • Trolling, harassment, and threats
  • Reputation management
  • Virtual security
  • Real-time monitoring
  • De-anonymization


  • Online identity deconstruction
  • Online behavioural, criminal, and geographic profiling
  • Predictive analysis
  • Social network mapping

Covert Operations & Online Surveillance

  • Virtual surveillance and real-time monitoring
  • Backstopping, cover, and legend construction
  • Covert/undercover digital operations
  • Online identity creation
  • Resilience testing

SIU/FIU Development

  • Project development and management
  • Open source intelligence training
  • Privacy and security consulting
  • Secure communications

Reputation Management

  • Personal environmental scan
  • Social platform privacy and security
  • Virtual content control and removal
  • Damage limitation
  • Profile restructuring


  • Cyber security
  • Intelligence
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Corporate espionage
  • Brand protection