Not Your Typical Investigations Firm

Specializing in covert operations and digital investigations, including online and physical surveillance, cyber security, digital communications, data discovery, and social media monitoring, our operatives have extensive training and decades of operational experience in surveillance, counter-terrorism, corporate security, and covert operations in both hostile and friendly environments worldwide.

What Differentiates Us

Our diversity and our global reach – our investigative services range from criminal, personality, and geographic profiling, television and movie industry experience, organized crime, threat assessment, and online OSINT and digital expertise. Our experienced investigators can be embedded into longer-term covert investigations anywhere in the world, while our elite tactical investigations team can be available for immediate deployment wherever and whenever required.

What We Do

  • National and international criminal and corporate investigations
  • Online stalking and harassment investigations
  • Reputation recovery and management
  • Entertainment Industry investigations and due diligence
  • Documentary, television, and movie research
  • CEO and high net worth security intelligence services
  • Threat management and violence risk assessment
  • Digital investigations

How We Protect You

Your identity, data, and communications may be your most valuable asset, and we take that very seriously. All interactions with us will be conducted using robust encryption techniques, and any information received will be stored in a secure format and location. Contact us to discuss your security requirements.

Online Investigations

  • Financial
  • Corporate
  • Insurance
  • Criminal
  • Legal
  • Personal

Threat Assessment

  • Online radicalization
  • Trolling, harassment, and threats
  • Reputation management
  • Physical and virtual security
  • De-anonymization


  • Online identity deconstruction
  • Behavioural, criminal, and geographic profiling
  • Predictive analysis
  • Social network mapping

Covert Operations & Surveillance

  • Virtual and physical surveillance
  • Backstopping, cover, and legend construction
  • Covert/undercover operations
  • Online identity creation
  • Resilience testing

SIU/FIU Development

  • Project development and management
  • Technical ops planning
  • Open source intelligence training
  • Privacy and security consulting
  • Secure communications

Reputation Management

  • Personal environmental scan
  • Social platform privacy and security
  • Virtual content control and removal
  • Damage limitation
  • Profile restructuring


  • Cyber security
  • Intelligence capability
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Corporate espionage
  • Brand protection

Our Commitment to You:

Our investigators will:

  • Have the necessary skills, experience and training to conduct your investigation;
  • Use only lawful means to collect information or evidence, and will limit information gathered to that which is relevant to the investigation;
  • Protect the rights of witnesses, clients and subjects, as well as the admissibility of evidence throughout the investigative process;
  • Exercise careful judgment in deciding on the most appropriate and effective investigative methods, keeping in mind the ethical obligation to act with dignity, moderation, and integrity;
  • Be respectful when interviewing clients and witnesses;
  • Respect the privacy rights of individuals by ensuring that all personal information collected about them is relevant to the investigation and is collected, stored and disseminated in a secure manner;
  • Assess the facts objectively and make objective recommendations on what action, if any, should be taken;
  • Protect the confidentiality of the client, the subject, the investigator, the organization and the investigation;
  • Ensure that personal information, correspondence and other documents related to a case remain confidential and are discussed only with authorized persons;
  • Require all available information relevant to the investigation they are being asked to conduct, including background knowledge, contact details, and exactly what the desired outcome is;
  • NOT break the law so please do not ask them to. If you are unsure as to the legality of an avenue of investigation, we will be pleased to answer any questions and provide guidance;
  • Return calls within 24 hours, between the hours of 8am and 6pm PST. If you need to contact an investigator urgently or outside of these hours, additional rates may apply;
  • Provide a written report containing investigative methods used, outcome and recommendations;
  • Request authorization for investigative techniques that are intrusive, incur additional cost or may impact the confidentiality or security of any person, data or investigative outcome prior to continuing.