Executive level recruitment requires a specialized screening process in order to thoroughly identify and understand the character and professional profile of a particular candidate.  A company’s success and reputation rely upon the quality of its people.  The credibility of potentially successful leadership candidates at the executive level is pivotal in the performance of any organization.

Our screening professionals combine their expert law enforcement, research, and analysis backgrounds to offer specialized pre-employment screening services catered to the specific needs of our clients, while complying with the highest standards of regulatory, legal, and ethical behaviour.

Social Media Screening

Criminal record checks are valuable in disclosing individual historical conduct, but social media screening can reveal even more about an individual’s in-depth character traits and associations.


Hundreds of social media platforms have emerged in the past decade and are available to billions of Internet users worldwide. Our teams of experts have the ability to mine these surface and Deep Web networks to reveal the true online reputation and character association of your candidate, using completely open source public information.

Equipped with the most up-to-date advanced technologies, our teams have access to the most effective social media screening tools available, including reverse image facial recognition applications, and other sophisticated search and data linking tools.
We are able to verify predominant social media sites against certain client disclosures for a comprehensive view of a particular candidate’s online presence. Exploration of alias accounts and de-anonymizing practices can also be employed to our various tiers of advanced research practices, depending on the scope and breadth of your organization’s requirements.

Criminal and Civil Litigation History

When recruiting key personnel or executive leadership that will be making important management or financial decisions on behalf of your organization, it is important to acquire as much relevant historical background information as possible in order to make an informed recruiting decision.


Utilizing all publicly available and hard-to-find Deep Web databases, our professional global network can acquire and reveal any existing criminal records your candidate may possess. Whether current or historical, civil or criminal, our experts are able to obtain this information on a local, foreign, or international scale.

Based on the depth of research required by your organization, alias and other other sub-identities, including their related activities, can also be revealed and examined.

Family Background History

Our advanced research teams at TII can successfully create a comprehensive family background report tailored to your specific needs.


Based on the depth of background information required by your organization, family backgrounds and associations can be traced using extensive Deep and Surface Web information and linking practices, as well as public records, court documents, immigration records, and authentic documentation from originating countries.

Foreign Residence History

In an economy that is highly globalized by trade and commerce, the increase in permanent and temporary foreign personnel can make it difficulty to verify the identity and background of many employees.


Our experts are able to assist in validating historical or current claims made by a particular candidate against their employment disclosures. Foreign and domestic residential ownership and tenancy claims can be verified, as well as any immigration, historical work visa, and residency documentation.

The diversity of professional expertise within TII can satisfy any other specific or specialized requirements you may have in this area.

Travel History Verification

Reputation is largely based on years of accumulated personal and professional credibility and trust. Many organizations operate on a global scale, which can require extensive travel by high-level employees and key personnel.


Verification of travel history and foreign residency, cross-referenced with claims by a particular candidate, can contribute to or take away from the overall credibility and character profile of the individual.

If necessary, our experts will verify disclosed travel histories, and assess any questionable travel patterns and destinations at the request of the client, which can verify or negate information provided by the candidate.

Credential and Accreditation Verification

Resume fraud is a common problem in today’s competitive job market. Education, accreditation, and experience-related embellishment can greatly influence the hiring process of an organization, and can lead to poor performance and loss of opportunity.


Professional membership and educational achievements represent a candidate’s ability to perform to a certain standard. At TII, we have the ability to thoroughly confirm the level and dates of achievements, including foreign education claims, which can be cross-referenced against client disclosures.

In order to protect the reputation and success of your organization, verifying not only the credentials of potential employment candidate, but also the reliability of their claim, is imperative.

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