The most comprehensive internet research and intelligence e-learning program available, Using the Internet as an Investigative Research Tool™ equips students with the knowledge and techniques required to effectively use the internet as an Open Source Intelligence, research, and investigation tool.

Introduction to Intelligence Analysis is a two-level program designed to equip aspiring and inexperienced analysts, as well as other interested investigative and security professionals, with the knowledge and skills required to undertake intelligence analysis tasks, and to better understand intelligence analysis products when encountered or assigned.*

Introduction to Critical Thinking for Investigators gives practitioners a foundation in critical thinking that is immediately applicable to their work, with relevant examples drawn from the world of open source intelligence and investigations.

Social Media Intelligence & Investigation will introduce research and investigative professionals to a variety of essential tools and techniques necessary to locate, collect, and utilize social platform-sourced information, and introduce investigators to the considerations and implications of leveraging this type of information safely and legally.

In Criminal Intelligence Analysis, students will develop a strong awareness of, and will receive, hands-on experience in using pertinent tools and methodologies to conduct criminal intelligence analysis assignments, and to fashion their subsequent insights and ideas in a manner that communicates effectively to their clients and other law enforcement consumers.*

Designed for analysts in the public sector, Strategic Intelligence Analysis equips students with the skills and knowledge required to effectively conceive, plan, and implement strategic analysis projects, and deliver impactful strategic advice to clients and other end-users.

*Please note: It is recommended that interested candidates sign up for either one of 102E IIA Introduction to Intelligence Analysis, or 202E CA Criminal Intelligence Analysis, as these two courses have overlapping content. 202E CA is recommended for law enforcement/investigative professionals.


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