The Global Leader in Open Source Intelligence


We are passionate and innovative educators.

We are thought leaders who, since 1997, have been developing and delivering internationally acclaimed training products specific to the needs of our clients, in both public and private sectors.

As experts in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), we are a multi-disciplinary, international team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in front-line intelligence and investigative operations.

We are committed to the principles of knowledge, integrity, and excellence in everything we do.


We deliver highly-acclaimed, world-class training programs that provide direct and tangible benefit to our clients.

From law enforcement and the intelligence community, to military and government agencies within the Five Eyes and beyond, from financial institutions and manufacturers, to petrochemical and pharmaceutical corporations within the Fortune 500, we listen to our clients and provide innovative training solutions specific to their needs.

As professional facilitators, we provide outstanding customer experiences that inspire, enlighten, and stimulate. We foster creative solutions for complex problems, while working within defined policy and legislative frameworks.


For over two decades, we have delivered training to tens of thousands of students in various formats, on every major continent. Our continued international reach exposes us to a myriad of practices, and as we impart knowledge, we also learn from our clients and we use what we learn to continually innovate and improve.    

Our experience is unique: Since its inception and debut in 2015, we have been central to the development, production, and performance of the BAFTA nominated, hit UK television series “Hunted.” Beyond a television program, Hunted serves as a complex, multifaceted real-world simulation, that has stimulated new concepts around what we teach and how we teach it.

In a world where uncertainty is sometimes the only certainty, and accelerating change is the norm, we recognize that success depends not just on technical best practices and the application of best-of-breed products, superior critical thinking skills in addition to effective logical and creative thought processes, are essential to achieve maximum benefit and avoid failure.

Utilizing proven adult learning principles, and with an approach that is always flexible, our curricula incorporates not just best practices but key behavioural science elements essential for the success of our clients.


Our passion is educating.

Our passion is innovating.

Our passion is helping our clients reach new levels of success.

We believe in using what we know to make the world a safer place.