In today’s complicated and often distant global marketplace, an enhanced process of due diligence is becoming more necessary and beneficial in determining risks, and potentially uncovering dangerous relationships or transactions that could harm the reputation and overall efficiency of your business.

Our highly-skilled due diligence teams, comprised of senior legal, corporate, finance, compliance, and geopolitical threat assessment experts, can perform or assist your existing due diligence teams with a practical and thorough enhanced examination of any business transaction or customer relationship, while satisfying all regulatory requirements.

Beyond Mergers and Acquisitions

Thorough review of a business prior to a merger or acquisition is common practice, and often required by law or regulatory bodies, depending on the nature of the transaction. The examination of historical and current financial, operating, and personnel efficiencies of a potential target can ensure that key business questions are answered.


Depending on the nature of the transaction, specialized risk evaluations can uncover critical information that may not be discovered in common practice evaluations. These specialized risk areas can prove to be potentially harmful over time, especially when dealing within high-risk industries or questionable geographical areas. Our in-depth screening and advanced research practices, combined with our business intelligence services, can thoroughly validate the integrity and reputation of the target organization, including its key management, support personnel, and board members.

For example, in emerging market areas that have histories of political or cultural instabilities, political affiliations and state ownership of entities will be thoroughly searched. We have the capabilities to go beyond the surface research of ownership in foreign or domestic territories. Any potential corporate concerns or possible legal red flags, including suspected criminal and terrorist activities, can be further examined based on the extent of information required by your organization. Our services will add greater depth and invaluable analytical insight to any due diligence process.

Anti-Money Laundering

“The integrity of the banking and financial services marketplace depends heavily on the perception that it functions within a framework of high legal, professional, and ethical standards. A reputation for integrity is the one of the most valuable assets of a financial institution.” - Financial Action Task Force (FATF)


In many jurisdictions, laws are in place to prevent, detect, and prosecute money laundering from illicit activities. Extensive anti-money laundering (AML) protocols have been established for reporting suspicious activity, verifying customer identities, and enhancing due diligence.

Financial institutions, specifically in the United States, are highly regulated, and international financial institutions can also greatly benefit from thoroughly adopting and continuously governing enhanced AML practices inside their organization.

AML Compliance in Your Organization

If you are planning on expanding or initiating an AML division or department in your organization, let us be your advisors. Our experts have the ability to create and implement concrete AML compliance programs, including policy and procedure development, as well as ongoing employee training. We can analyze and address all key areas of regulation and concern to develop an effective program catered to the needs of your organization.


Know Your Customer (KYC) processes are due diligence activities that financial institutions must perform to gain relevant information about their clients and their transaction activities on a regular basis.
Neglecting to adopt KYC processes can result in unwanted liability, imposed regulatory fines, prevention of participation in commercial banking within a regulated area such as the United States, and other expensive and damaging repercussions. Transaction monitoring and customer screening processes are among the many risk management measures that our experts can help you with.

TII As Your Outsourced AML Monitoring Arm

A thorough and robust customer screening process requires organizations to go above and beyond basic AML and KYC protocols. If your organization does not intend to setup an internal compliance department that can fully undertake advanced monitoring and research practices to regularly monitor customers of interest, then let TII be your AML/KYC monitoring arm.


Experts at TII will ensure that the enhanced due diligence responsibilities of your organization are consistently, thoroughly, and accurately managed according to regulatory compliance standards. We are able to conduct KYC screening and regular online information monitoring of your customers, regardless of portfolio size. Our dedicated client monitoring and incident activity units are fully capable of tracking, referencing, establishing, and performing constant press and other online “chatter” monitoring of any person or corporation of interest.

Foreign Market Studies

Identifying a new market opportunity, capitalizing on a new idea, or defining a plausible exit strategy are the first steps in any business development process. In today’s highly competitive, internet-driven global marketplace, rapid, large-scale success is achievable — but so is large-scale failure.

When dealing with considerable amounts of capital and resources in a foreign location, it is important to ensure assets are effectively utilized. Market research, feasibility studies, and geopolitical climate assessments are vital investments in determining the possible capital impact and overall viability of your potential business strategies.

Research Analysis

Prior to entering or expanding into any foreign market or industry, gaining a thorough understanding of the supply and demand behaviors within those regions is important in order to ensure optimal application of capital, and to maximize returns on investment.


Price anticipation, resource abundances and restrictions, competitive trends and behaviours, and other variable risks unique to those regions are all critical factors that should be explored.
Experts at TII are able to conduct specialized and enhanced research studies, using the most advanced online research tools and on-the-ground professional support, in order to create a comprehensive industry-driven report, catered to the specific needs of your organization.

It is more common now than ever before for businesses to expand operations into foreign geographical areas. In addition to typical business risks, political and economic conditions are equally important areas of focus, and can be devastating to the success of an organization if potential threats and regional instabilities are not clearly identified and defined as key risk components.

Many natural resource rich countries outside of North America continuously face political and economic instabilities. An in-depth understanding of current and historical issues within a foreign region is crucial in determining the viability and security of your organization’s presence in the area. Based on current and historical trends, our teams can identify, analyze, and forecast potential risks and obstacles that your organization may face by expanding into any foreign geographical area. Our thorough qualitative and quantitative methods, including expert feedback from critical human assets on the ground within those regions, will ensure that your organization has access to the most up-to-date information required to make informed decisions.

Specialized accounting and industry-specific consulting firms often conduct independent market research and feasibility reports, which are readily available for purchase. It is important that the information contained in these reports is relevant to the goals of your organization. At TII, one of our key specializations is the ability to validate, cross analyze, and enhance the contents of these reports with additional supporting information and material facts, based on the nature of your business objectives.

Economic Feasibility Studies

In addition to our foreign market research reports and advisory services on the overall viability of your business expansion or entry into foreign territories, it is also important to consider the impact of those findings on your future economic success. Our economic feasibility studies will demonstrate the business benefits or negative impacts of initiating a proposed project or expansion in a foreign territory.


Studies surrounding operation and productivity costs will be compared to various business models, incorporating key risk indicators to objectively generate several key forecast scenarios, in order to determine the ideal structure of the proposed business in a particular foreign territory. This will primarily benefit businesses in manufacturing of products and natural resource extraction.

Once feasibility studies have been conducted and the most effective business model has been determined, our experts will produce a comprehensive business case to present the positive and negative impacts of your proposed project in a foreign territory.
Based on the needs of your organization, we can combine and employ other business services that we offer to meet your business objectives.

Geopolitical Climate Assessments

Understanding the intricate relationship between politics and territory requires unique expertise. In a global marketplace, it is important to be well-informed of potential risks and indigenous shifts inherent to social and cultural regions in areas of promising opportunity.


Natural resource extraction and migration of manufacturing or other key corporate services into foreign territories is becoming a common business occurrence. In order to make the most efficient use of resources in this situation, a deep understanding of current events, political volatility, and relevant environmental factors is imperative. No matter what country you are interested in operating in, we offer consistent, high-quality advice and expertise to aid in removing barriers to your prosperity.

Commercial Network Security

In today’s digital economy and computerized world, terabytes of sensitive customer and company information are processed by businesses and stored electronically every second. Reliable security-based architecture, along with constant maintenance of infrastructure and procedures, is crucial in the preservation and containment of sensitive information.

Hackers, viruses, malicious intruders, and other harmful elements can cause devastating damage to sensitive business and customer information, not to mention the reputation and customer trust of your organization. From small-scale operations to large multinational corporations, our teams at TII, with extensive expertise in network infrastructure, can assess, design, upgrade, and enhance your traditional business networks.

Our experts are able to efficiently implement essential architectural changes to your existing networks, and produce effective, simple protocols to ensure maximum security and operating efficiency of your organization. In addition, we can provide ongoing training with your personnel, from executive management to network administrators, on security policies and procedures; this is in parallel to providing you with a continuous service that meticulously tests all areas of potential external and internal network vulnerability as part of our service commitment.

Network Infrastructure Architecture

An alarming number of highly-regarded and well-trusted network security systems still experience sophisticated intrusions as a result of unforeseen vulnerabilities; these are primarily due to unenforced or overlooked network policies. Most intrusions are a result of poor system administration and weaknesses in areas such as port management, or when updates within a network are poorly managed, thereby eroding the security integrity of a network over time.


Effective network security starts at the personnel and systems administration level of any organization. Once we establish the key historical administration patterns of a network, we are often able to identify three or more immediate and exploitable vulnerabilities, regardless of how firewall or policy gating protocols are established. These vulnerabilities can easily be identified outside of the network by intrusion bots that intruders are able to automatically run over the internet, or specifically to your isolated network, to find possible entry points using ports as simple as the internet gateway or email.

Our experts can help optimize legacy networks to meet any desired performance benchmark, while establishing a proper systems administration process to increase security for corporate, customer, and personal information containment. We analyze all aspects of your network, starting with its administration and historical expansions, and provide recommendations and implementation plans to optimize the effectiveness of your network, its security, and the effects on operating efficiency for your organization.

Network management and maintenance does not have to be capital-intensive. We believe that it is up to our customers to use any vendor they are comfortable with when it comes to hardware and software, or we can mutually select the appropriate vendor to suit your needs.

Network Audit and Penetration Testing

Once optimal network infrastructure has been established, and personnel security protocols have been defined and implemented, regularly scheduled network penetration testing and auditing will be conducted during the term of our service arrangement. Our highly skilled experts will perform “breach testing," along with data loss, confinement, malware, bot-driving, and forced penetration testing, at all levels of your network to test for consistency, and to uncover any potential vulnerabilities that might have developed.


These tests also include simulated scenarios that assigned members within your organization will have to act on as part of their actionable guidelines, which will be procedurally established by our teams. These might include simulations in preservation of data or operations during a natural disaster, data loss and theft management, internal network conflict management, data backup recovery, and re-establishment of operations after certain events.

Executive and Personnel Security Protocols

An effective network security system is only beneficial if it is properly implemented, and protocols are consistently followed by personnel at all levels of your organization. Our experts will ensure that all departments have the knowledge and resources to properly and effectively adhere to security protocols. Our ongoing training, simulated practices, and enhanced methods of assisting your systems administrators will help establish procedures and protocols for all personnel involved in managing your networks, and the individuals using them.


As part of our ongoing services, we offer regular and continuously updated training courses for executive and upper management personnel, as well as other areas of your organization, based on your specific requirements. Policies and procedures from normal corporate enforcement and procedural guidelines, to simulated disaster response and recovery training, will be provided.

Natural disasters are not the only disruptive critical business events in an organization. Intrusion, loss of data due to systems or service provider failure, internal theft of data, and accidental dissemination of sensitive data are crippling to an organization, its reputation, and commercial trust. These events happen more regularly in businesses than the public is made aware of.

Effective data containment and recovery protocols, not just efficient data-backup planning, are now essential practices in an organization at the executive and systems administration levels. Proper procedural and action-based guidelines are required to maintain the fiduciary responsibilities of sensitive data protection and overall commercial integrity of a business — our service training provides this on a regular basis.

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