We offer a wide-range of live, broadcast quality, and fully-interactive training programs remotely, both on an in-house and public basis (including the below-noted courses), developed through extensive consultation with psychologists and educational professionals.

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of us bringing the classroom to their homes internationally, while receiving the same superior quality training from our experts, with the added quantifiable advantages of remote learning, such as substantially reduced venue and travel costs, multiple specialized instructors, and much more.

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Learn how to generate relevant, timely, and actionable intelligence from internet sources to investigate criminal activity, assess and manage risk, maximize opportunities, assure compliance, manage reputation, and much more. This highly-acclaimed, advanced OSINT training program will teach delegates how to find better online information, in less time, at less cost, with less risk™.

Social Media Intelligence & Investigation will introduce research and investigative professionals to a variety of essential tools and techniques necessary to locate, collect, and utilize social platform-sourced information, and introduce investigators to the considerations and implications of leveraging this type of information safely and legally.

Utilizing an engaging experiential learning approach to critical thinking, and incorporating an OSINT focus, attendees will learn how to deconstruct problems, ask the right questions, challenge assumptions, examine different viewpoints with greater clarity, and make better decisions more efficiently.

Presented in partnership by two internationally renowned experts in the fields of Behavioural Sciences and Social Media Intelligence, this ground-breaking program will use recent case studies to develop the skills required to collect, analyze, and assess online content to reduce the risk of violent behaviour in a wide range of scenarios.

Investigating Insurance Fraud Online will enable investigators, case managers, and other fraud-prevention and insurance professionals to effectively use the internet as an investigative tool in order to locate case-specific information, both quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources expended on everyday investigations.

This two-day, fully interactive webinar will a provide a solid overview of the Dark Web and will introduce attendees to the tools and techniques that are required to conduct effective investigations around the internet’s 'hidden services.'

This course will introduce cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, along with important parts of the ecosystem, to investigative professionals. This course will also provide information on both well-known and less-known forms of crypto crime. Additionally, the course will show participants how to leverage free open-source tools to be able to do initial triaging and analytics on cryptocurrency in their cases and will be introduced to the concepts around advanced blockchain analytics.

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