TII is pleased to provide free access to our “cheat sheets,” compiled by our industry experts, to help you understand and navigate various internet intelligence, research, and investigation tools and techniques.

TII Online Investigator's Checklist™

TII's Online Investigator’s Checklist™ is designed to be an active reference guide to assist you with current and future online investigations, and should be used in conjunction with the Online Research Framework™.

TII Online Research Framework™

TII's Online Research Framework™ is designed to assist you with current and future online investigations, and should be used in conjunction with the Online Investigator's Checklist™.

TII Cheat Sheet: Advanced Search Techniques

This comprehensive cheat sheet lists the most useful techniques and/or operators used by researchers and investigators to get the best results from search engines.

TII Cheat Sheet: Facebook Search

As recently as June 2019, Facebook underwent major changes to many of the Graph Search features the platform used to support. Many of these search features, including URL-based searches, that investigators and researchers had grown accustomed to using are no longer available. This cheat sheet is a compilation, by our team, of Facebook search tools and URL searches which are still effective.

TII Cheat Sheet: The Tor Project Browser

The Tor Project is a browser system that allows users to anonymously access websites located on the "Dark Web." This cheat sheet is designed as a guide for users that are new to Tor.

TII Cheat Sheet: The Mozilla Firefox Browser

Mozilla's Firefox browser is assessed by our company experts as the best browser for conducting online research and investigations, and gathering online intelligence. If you have not used Firefox before or are new the browser, this cheat sheet contains helpful information that will assist you in customizing the system based on your requirements or preferences.

TII Cheat Sheet: The Online Investigative Process

Online investigations, if not done correctly, can result in missed information. To ensure no information is missed, investigators should map out the steps their investigation will take in advance. This cheat sheet serves as an example "walk through" of an online investigation, showing the different types of steps and websites investigators need to consider before getting started.

TII Cheat Sheet: Cybercrime Types

This cheat sheet lists various cybercrimes where evidence is most likely to be found from online sources.

TII Cheat Sheet: URLs

This cheat sheet depicts the structure of a URL as commonly encountered on the Web.

TII Cheat Sheet: Law Enforcement Requests

This cheat sheet serves as a guide to law enforcement agencies regarding law enforcement request procedures for popular websites.

TII Cheat Sheet: Canadian Case Law

This cheat sheet lists significant legal cases that have had an impact on the presentation of electronic evidence in civil and criminal cases in Canada.


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