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CDFS CBIT Digital Forensic Services is Australia's premier supplier of digital forensic tools, industry-embedded training, and certification. CDFS creates bespoke preparation and response services to meet the needs of organisations facing matters involving electronically stored information and digital investigations. They have created unique solutions for a number of law enforcement agencies and government departments to tackle their respective digital forensic and investigative issues, including establishing and/or augmenting their existing capabilities and know-how.

ICC Commercial Crime Services (CCS) is the anti-crime arm of the International Chamber of Commerce. Based in London, CCS is a membership organisation tasked with combating all forms of commercial crime. The specialist divisions that comprise CCS offer a range of services dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the members. Together, they tackle all types of commercial crime: fraud in international trade, insurance fraud, financial instrument fraud, money laundering, shipping fraud, and product counterfeiting.

The Teh Group (formerly InnoXcell) is a leading marketing and client development firm, specializing in content marketing and lead generation, that provides strategic advice and insight to brands and sponsors. The Teh Group leverages relationships built over many years to create platforms that connect businesses within the legal, risk, regulatory, and compliance community. With a decade of experience gained through hosting hundreds of knowledge-driven summits, leadership roundtables, and professional development courses, the Teh Group strategically designs and executes quality programming, developed by industry-recognized experts, to enhance the learning and networking experience.

Seneca is a Canadian college with campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, offering quality education toward degrees, diplomas, and certificates that are recognized by employers in the financial services industry, and in the fields of technology and business. Combining the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert teaching faculty, and the latest technology, Seneca’s Canadian Institute for Financial Crime Analysis (CIFCA) offers a unique, accessible eight-month professional development program providing students with specialized training needed to combat the threat of financial crime.

The Ontario Police College (OPC) provides training designed to prepare police officers to safely and effectively perform their duties, while meeting the needs of Ontario’s diverse communities. Primary clients of the OPC include police and civilian members of all police services in Ontario, including the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), as well as government employees from provincial and municipal enforcement agencies from other provinces and abroad.

The National Crime Agency Proceeds of Crime Centre (PoCC) is responsible for accrediting and monitoring the performance of all financial investigators in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and provides training in financial investigation, asset recovery and the operation of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002. The Centre works closely with agencies empowered under POCA to provide operational support and education to all accredited financial investigators; it also works closely with the British Bankers’ Association and the regulated sector to ensure strict management of the information gathered under the Suspicious Activity Regime (SAR).

The Open Source Intelligence and Research Association (OSIRA) is an international body dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and expertise of Open Source Intelligence practitioners in both the public and private sector. Bringing together technical and academic industry experts, as well as experienced OSINT professionals worldwide, OSIRA supports a global network for research, collaboration, education and industry knowledge sharing. In addition to papers, reports, and presentations, OSIRA provides professional designations based on education, experience, and merit with recognizable industry credentials. The professional designations offered by OSIRA are designed to reinforce and further develop the legitimacy, verification, and employment opportunities for OSINT practitioners from every industry, background, and academic standing internationally.

Pipl is an information services company with the world’s largest people search engine that is designed to find the real person behind an online identity. Pipl’s proprietary identity resolution technology connects publicly available online and offline information from millions of sources, allowing businesses to search with almost any parameter (including name, email address, phone number, or social username) to find everything about a person online, including personal, professional, demographic, and contact information.

Echosec is an information discovery company that helps other companies gather, filter, and analyze content from the hidden corners of the internet. From mapping real-time social media, to detecting threats on the dark web, Echosec’s tools are built to protect people, places, assets, and organizations, by connecting virtual communities to real-world locations.

Hunchly is an industry-recognized web capture tool designed specifically for capturing online investigations. Hunchly’s software is designed to automatically collect, document, and annotate every web page visited by an investigator, creating a transparent audit trail for online investigations.