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Recorded July 2020

Breaking the Mold and Rethinking the Intelligence Cycle

Do your intelligence analysis processes fall short? What are the pitfalls to relying on outdated, often rigid and inefficient methodologies? Is there a better way?

Join us this week for a chat with highly respected OSINT innovator, practitioner and educator Arno Reuser for an entertaining and insightful discussion around intelligence analysis in the past, present and future.

Running Time: 34 minutes

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Recorded June 2020

Getting The Most Out Of Google

There is more to Google than meets the eye and using a few proven techniques you can get better quality results while wasting less time. Join us for a chat with well known OSINT instructor Nico Dekens (@dutch_osintguy) as he shares his favourite techniques for getting the most out of the world’s most popular search engine.

Running time: 48 minutes

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Recorded July 2020

The Leadership Skills That Will be Needed in a Post COVID World with Kevin O’Leary

What leadership attributes are needed in a business to survive the current pandemic? What kind of management skills will be required to thrive in the global marketplace post COVID?

A recent survey by Korn Ferry indicates that all business sectors are undergoing a rapid transformation unlike any other time in recent history. Across the board, almost all organizations are expecting an average 30% drop in sales while the work environment is significantly re-calibrating; previously unheard of levels of daily operations are now in the virtual domain and 75% of business believes they will continue to operate in this way long after the COVID 19 crisis is over.

Join host David Toddington in discussion with Kevin O’Leary, Founder and CEO of Red Leadership, senior consultants on the hit television programs “Hunted” and “The Heist”, and an innovator of numerous high pressure, experiential learning events that help managers better cope with increasing complexity and ambiguity in today’s business marketplace. Kevin will talk about the importance of critical thinking skills in all workplace environments, and offer insight into what change management now means in these extraordinary times.

Running Time: 52 minutes

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Recorded May 2020

Preserving and Presenting Online Sourced Information as Evidence to the Courts

Host David Toddington talks with Criminal Intelligence Analyst Julie Tillotson about current best practices for preserving and presenting OSINT and online sourced information as evidence to the courts.

Running Time: 34 minutes

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