Introduction to Intelligence Analysis Level 2

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Course Overview

The Introduction to Intelligence Analysis e-learning course is a
two-level course designed to equip aspiring and inexperienced analysts, as well
as other interested professionals, with the knowledge and skills to undertake
intelligence analysis tasks, and to better understand intelligence analysis
products when they encounter them or are asked to create them. A variety of
learning activities and practical assignments are used to consolidate learning.
This course will also be a valuable resource for managers who are required to
task, direct or supervise intelligence analysis and processing activities.


Level Two represents an expansion and more in-depth exploration of
the issues introduced in Level One. The student is here provided an opportunity
to think about the various functional and organizational contexts in which intelligence
analysis might be productively used, consider lessons to be derived from
intelligence failures and then develop hands-on familiarity with a variety of
advanced analytic techniques and further develop report writing.

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