Welcome to the February 2018 edition of TII’s Online Intelligence Newsletter.

With the new year now in full swing, we were pleased to see the successful launch of our brand new Cyberpsychology & Threat Intelligence training series with Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr. Cynthia Baxter last month.

The next few months will be incredibly busy for the TII team, with both public and in-house training events scheduled in Canada, the UAE, SE Asia, and Australia. We’re especially excited to launch our new Introduction to the Blockchain Revolution course in Dubai in March.

In this edition of the newsletter, Howard Clarke, the facilitator of TII’s Intelligence Analysis e-Learning training programs, shares his article “What’s the Problem? The Importance of Clearly Defining Research and Investigative Goals”, highlighting the importance of fully understanding the “problem” at hand when conducting investigative and intelligence work, focusing on the critical dimensions of planning prior to engaging in data collection and intelligence research.