Welcome to the July edition of TII’s Online Intelligence Newsletter. It’s been an exciting few months as TII personnel have been involved in the filming of two new seasons of the hit UK television series, Hunted, in addition to taking on new staff members and developing a host of fresh, new, and updated training programs.

This past six weeks has seen members of the TII team delivering instructor-led training programs in Europe, Asia, and Central America. In this edition of the newsletter, TII associate and former Calgary City police officer Kathy Macdonald recounts her time in El Salvador, along with TII’s Norm Whilhelm, delivering training in partnership with the non-profit Justice Education Society, who has been working closely with law enforcement in the region since 2001 to increase the country’s justice system capacity.

TII is pleased to offer a number of specialized and customizable in-house training programs for both the public and private sector in a variety of formats. To learn more about what we can do to empower your workforce, contact us.

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