Welcome to the May 2018 edition of TII’s Online Intelligence Newsletter. A lot has been happening at TII these past two months, including the development of a brand new two-day training program.

Critical Thinking for Investigators” is an intensive two-day classroom-based workshop designed to help investigators and intelligence professionals avoid making incorrect assumptions by using logic, reasoning, critical thinking, and scientific methodology in their investigations. Attendees will acquire skills required to turn online data into meaningful, actionable intelligence. All too often, mission critical investigations fail because those involved jump to conclusions and draw faulty inferences that leave the trail cold. Correct conclusions are not the result of guessing, but by applying efficient thought processes. Currently being offered on an in-house basis, this program will be publicly available in the Fall of 2018.

We are also pleased to announce that “Hunted“, the hit UK-based reality TV series which casts a number of TII personnel, was nominated for a prestigious BAFTA award in the “Reality and Constructed Factual” category. TII team members will again be traveling to the UK in the coming months to film the fourth season of Hunted, along with a new “Celebrity Edition”, in support of “Stand Up to Cancer”.

Growing to serve you better: we are also excited to announce that the TII team is expanding yet again – more to come on this in next month’s newsletter.

In this edition of the newsletter, TII’s Kathy Macdonald, shares insights on the importance of documenting digital evidence during investigations, and presents solutions to overcoming potential challenges in the article,  “Capturing and Seizing Digital Evidence – Important Considerations for Today’s Investigator”.