This year of 2020 has been anything but normal, and just as with everyone, our business has changed in significant ways.

Gone are the classroom-based, in-person training programs.  Here are live remote training programs via Zoom and enhanced self-paced study programs via Moodle.

In pivoting to new delivery mechanisms to serve our clients in isolated work environments, we’ve noticed something remarkable: By fully embracing remote delivery technologies, there are many significant and quantifiable advantages to remote learning that are not available through the “old school” (classroom) delivery mechanisms we have all relied on for so many years.

The advantages of remote training we’ve been able to realize have not happened by accident; rather, they have come as a result of significant investment in hardware, software, and the skill building necessary to deliver a quality product.  We have put deliberate effort into re-thinking adult-learning models in this new paradigm, and we have consulted with psychologists and other behavioural scientists to not just understand, but to innovate in this new environment.

Taking advantage of the elimination of training venue and travel costs, we have been able to introduce multiple specialized instructors into many of our learning programs to create even more comprehensive training offerings that appeal to a wider range of students, all the while providing better value for money.

And this shift is paying off.  Customer feedback is excellent, clients are receiving more “bang for their buck,” and student satisfaction is at an all-time high.

Clients are also telling us in no uncertain terms that in the isolated environment their employees are now working in, training is seen as “highly important,” not just for personal development, but also for essential team building in these difficult times.

What can we do for you?  Contact us to find out, we are happy to share our experience.