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Where: Calgary, AB

Time: March 20 to March 20, 2017

In today’s information-based economy, organizations are facing an ever-increasing number of challenges relating to online security, privacy, and intelligence gathering efforts. Online research and analysis skills are now essential requirements at all levels of an organization, along with the ability to safely and securely navigate the Web to gather information anonymously.

With continual shifts in business and tactical landscapes, safety and success in both public and private organizations continue to depend on the effective use of advanced data mining and search technologies, along with innovative approaches to online behavioural profiling and social media analytics to generate timely, actionable intelligence.

Join one of TII’s internationally renowned online intelligence experts for this unique one-day masterclass and see how the latest tools and techniques for uncovering, identifying, and analyzing hidden online information can assist you in ensuring public safety and security, or gaining a competitive edge in business.

Learn About

  • Advanced, innovative search and data mining techniques that will improve the efficiency of online research and investigation
  • The latest tools for collecting and analyzing social media intelligence
  • Locating and linking people, places, and things
  • The newly emerging discipline of cyber-psychology and how it can give investigators the upper-hand
  • Techniques for de-anonymizing and profiling targets or Internet users
  • Maintaining operational security and privacy in an increasingly challenging online environment
  • And much more!


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