Social Media Intelligence is processed information, sourced from online social platforms and applications that facilitate and enable the collecting, monitoring, and analysis of up-to-date online sentiment and social commentary. The rich and varied information available from social platforms may be live or historical, opinion or fact, text or multi-media, proprietary or crowd-sourced; depending on the data provided by each source, and an investigator’s ability to cross-reference the data across platforms and tools, a comprehensive profile of an individual, location, or event can often be built quickly and accurately.

Investigators must also be aware of the overwhelming amount of new information that is generated daily by social media users, and upon which platforms this growth is occurring. To recognize, collect, and leverage the value of social platform-sourced information, research and investigative professionals must fully understand the restrictions and implications of obtaining, and utilizing, such information in a manner that does not violate user privacy expectations, license agreements, and other legal limitations.

Social Media Intelligence & Investigation will introduce research and investigative professionals to a variety of innovative tools and techniques that will enable you to locate, collect, and utilize social platform-sourced information, while considering the implications of leveraging this type of information safely, quickly, and appropriately.

Learn About

  • A variety of social platforms and online communities
  • Effective cross-platform search techniques
  • Identifying and evaluating information available from a variety of social platforms
  • Determining the reliability of posted information
  • Linking people, places, and things
  • User profiling, including user names and pseudonyms
  • Using geo-location tools, such as geofencing and location-based search, to locate real-time and historical posts
  • Investigating images and videos
  • Live social media monitoring tools
  • Legal implications around user rights to privacy and end user agreements
  • Privacy-awareness and protecting your own online information
  • Critically analyzing social platform-sourced information to produce accurate, relevant, and timely intelligence

Course Terms & Conditions

  1. Three or more delegates from the same company are entitled to a 10% discount. This discount is only applicable to the standard pricing.
  2. Registrations are confirmed with written confirmation via email. Should the delegate not receive an email, it is the delegate’s responsibility to contact TII to confirm their seat.
  3. Payment must be received in full in advance of the course.
  4. Delegates are responsible for their travel expenses in traveling to the course, including hotel accommodations. All travel and accommodation arrangements should be made by the delegate.
  5. Cancellations received 30 days before the course date will receive a refund, less a $100 administration fee. After this date, the full fee must be paid, but substitutions may be made at any time.
  6. TII reserves the right to cancel or change course dates, instructors or conditions without prior notice.
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