Poh Hiang Tan


Poh is a dynamic problem solver with over 20 years of experience working with the Hong Kong securities regulator. She has extensive experience in developing and shaping policies and strategizing implementation of regulations relating to the financial markets. She is an engaging communicator who supports the senior management team in engagements with international financial organizations, overseas government authorities and regulators, and represented the organization in negotiations on various occasions in bilateral and multilateral agreements. She had also co-authored two public reports related to securities market regulation.

As a professional, she loves to digest complex problems and convert them into clear actionable ideas. She thrives in fields where she can combine imagination, open-mindedness, and strategic thinking skills.

Poh is a certified coach and a trained facilitator who is highly passionate about bringing individuals and teams to a higher level of awareness and performance through innovative thinking and tools, as well as collaborative work environments.

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