Robert Maxwell
TII Team


Robert Maxwell has spent over twenty-five years working in European capital markets as a financial analyst and portfolio manager. Six years ago, he shifted his focus across to the potential use of OSINT techniques in the financial services sector, specializing in monitoring FCPA and OFAC cases, and in building out systems to ingest, filter, and distribute relevant content for clients.

Robert now splits his time between working as a Senior External Advisor on investigating complex international frauds and opaque offshore structures for K2 Intelligence in Madrid, undertaking enhanced due diligence cases for clients, and training banks and regulators in OSINT methods and techniques for their financial crime units. Amongst his clients are the Bank of Spain’s FIU ‘SEPBLAC’, Lloyds Banking Group, Santander UK, FTI Consulting, K2 Intelligence, and Telefonica.

Robert’s work with TII includes the development and facilitation of OSINT and investigative training courses with a focus on anti-money laundering and financial crime investigation.

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